Year 5

Year 5 - 2021 - 2022

Jubilee celebration castles

World War II in Rowlands Castle Topic projects

English lesson in the treehouse

Some of our Maths learning this half term

World Poetry Day

British Science week

World Book Day

Topic Homework - Class Share

Geography - Local walk to explore - What is our local area like?

Rehearsal for performing a piece of music

Book club afternoon

Maths - Calculating area outside

Spanish Day - Dressing up and locating Spanish speaking countries

Year 5 Trip to the Sustainability centre

Year 5 - 2020 - 2021

Year 5 Sports day


To appreciate and understand a wide range of high quality music drawn from great composers and musicians.


Please click here to watch the school's World Music Day videos.


Summer 2 2021 - Scorching South America

Spring 2 2021 - Heroes or Villains

Year 5 - Autumn term learning

Maths day - Maths lesson

Spring 2 - Monarchy through time

Maths Measuring - outside