Sports Premium

2018/19 Sports Grant allocation - £18110



Impact of Sports Grant 2017-18

How is our Sports Grant used?



2017/18 Sports Grant allocation - £18110




We invest our funding in to a variety of ways.


  1. We ensure that the children receive high quality coaching from qualified sports coaches across the majority of the year groups, and have developed excellent links with a variety of sports clubs and schools in the local area so that we can deliver a high quality product in sport. This is through the Havant Sports Partnership. The grant is held by them.

  2. We also use part of the funding to ensure our school has access to a wide range of equipment and resources for our children to use in PE lessons throughout the year.

  3. We invest part of the grant in to the provision of a swimming programme for children in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 and believe the impact that this programme on the confidence of the children in the water is superb. The children who need further practice will be given top-up lessons this year. Our aim is that by year six all children leave the school with the minimum achievement of swimming 25 metres. The impact of this spending was clear because this year all children who attended the Fairthorne Residential in Year 6 were able to swim 25m, allowing them to be more confident whilst taking part in water-based activities.


Sports Clubs & Performance

The school offers a range of sports programmes that attract many children each year. The school offers clubs in sports such as:

  • Netball

  • Football

  • Cricket

  • Hockey

  • Rounders

  • Multi-Sports

  • Dance (Irish and Modern)


    Within these clubs all PP children this year have been offered free or assisted places to enable them to participate and achieve in these areas. This has improved attendance, relationships with parents and boosted confidence for all children concerned.


The school fields teams that regularly compete in local leagues in: netball, football, cricket and hockey with remarkable success considering the size of our school in comparison to other local schools that compete in these competitions. In recent years, our teams have won competitions in both cricket and hockey. In 2017/18 we achieved the following:


  • Our netball team finished 2nd in the Havant Primary Schools League meaning they secured a place at the Hampshire School Games. The team finished inside the top 20 teams in the county at the event.

  • Our girls’ cricket team won the Havant Primary Schools Cricket Tournament. They then proceeded to the Hampshire Primary Schools Tournament and finished 4th.

  • Our hockey team finished 3rd in the Havant Primary Schools Hockey League.


Zone Leaders


During the summer of 2018, the Year 4 cohort were trained in how to “Zone Leaders” as part of the school initiative to improve the amount of activities available at lunchtime for the children. The children were trained to lead a wide range of activities from common sports drills such as: hockey dribbling or target throwing as well as tactical games such as: connect4 or tower building.

All children across the school have taken to this new initiative very well.


The Future


We intend on using the funding in a similar way in the near future, the school has a few key objectives when it comes to delivering sport:

  • Ensure that all children have the opportunity to access a wide range of sports.

  • Ensure that the coaching offered to children during these sessions before, during and after school is of an excellent standard.

  • To further develop our inter-school programme, ensuring that we compete regularly with local schools in a wide range of sports.

  • To develop our range of sports apparel to meet the demands of a variety of sports.


Peter Hopson

PE Curriculum Co-Ordinator