Year 1

Year 1 - 2021 - 2022

LO: To use a range of materials creatively to create photographic art

In art we have been looking at photography. 


We used mannequins to create different poses and looked at how we can use different angles when taking photographs to create different looks.

We also used torches and boxes to create shadows and experimented with light and how this can change a photograph or the subject being photographed. 


We have taken some amazing photos and are excited to share them with you. 


LO: To use our senses to describe a setting.

History - LO: To understand some ways in which we find out about the past.

Year 1 were invited to hunt for fossils within our school grounds. 


If we were fortunate enough to find a fossil we cleaned it carefully and examined it to see if we could work out which dinosaur it belonged too. 


We found many bones including: teeth, plates, footprints and leg bones. 

The Sleepy Shepherd

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Science Investigation - LO: How can we classify different living things?

Year 1 investigated various poo samples to determine whether an animal was carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.


The poo was homemade and was just melted chocolate with other ingredients mixed in.

        Carnivores had - ham, chorizo and crushed pasta to look like bones.

        Herbivores had - leaves, grass, raisins and raspberries. 

        Omnivores had - every ingredient.


Year 1 were very courageous and all worked hard sifting through the mess to find out what the animals ate so we could categorise them.

Science - LO: Which sense is best at determining the flavour of jelly.

Mr Moore gave us 3 types of jelly. Peppermint, Lemon and Orange.


First we used sight to see if we could tell what flavour jelly it was. 

Next, we smelt the jellies to see if that would be better.

Then finally we got to taste the homemade jellies. 


We decided that taste was the best sense to tell us what flavour the jellies were. 



European Languages Day (LO: To learn about the cultures and life of Spanish people).

 Year 1 - 2020-2021


To use our voices expressively and creatively by singing songs.


Please click here to watch the school's World Music Day videos.