Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 - Deer class




Welcome back to the new school year, and year 5 have already settled in well.


The class topic for this half term is The Amazing Ancient Greeks which started with the class making Greek pots. 



The class will be exploring the history of the Ancient Greeks, looking at who there were, how they lived. They will be looking to Greek Gods, how they created democracy and started the Olympics. 


In English, the class have started looking at the poem The Forsaken Merman by Matthew Arnold. They have looked into the link with our topic and will be creating their own verse of narrative poetry. 


In Maths, the class has started looking at the the value of numbers up to 100,000 and applied this solving problems with these numbers. 


Within art the class will be learning skills with clay, ready to create their own mythical beast.


In science the class will be looking at forces - gravity, air resistance, water resistance and mechanisms like gears.


For homework this will always relate to the work carried out in class. It will be given out on Fridays to be returned for Wednesday of the following week. 

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