Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 - Deer class




Our topic has been Natural Disasters looking specifically at Earthquakes and volcanoes. It started with the class investigating which natural disaster caused the damage to the year 5 classroom. 


The children used information on natural disasters to investigate and found out that the damage to the classroom was caused by an earthquake. The next topic learning involved looking into how earthquakes occurred through the movement of tectonic plates and how the tectonic plates can create volcanoes. 


In English they have read extracts from Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which describes a journey to the centre through a volcano in Iceland. They then used knowledge from the book to create instructions on how to carry out the journey. 


In Maths, year 5 have been multiplying fractions and linking fractions to percentages. They have also been learning to measure angles and using knowledge of angles to find out the properties of shapes. 


In PE year 5 have learnt different skills in athletics, including Javelin, long jump and hurdles. 


In art they have been using different materials to create pictures of volcanoes, including using oil pastels. 


The end of term is coming and will involve finishing the topic with work on volcanoes and looking at the Michael Morpurgo book, Kensuke's Kingdom. 





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