Music Tuition and Choir 2021/2022


 At Rowlands Castle St John's we are very fortunate to be able to organise instrumental tuition on a variety of different musical instruments which we purchase through the Hampshire Music Service.  We are currently organising for the new academic year for Years 1 - 6 in: Piano, Guitar, Violin and Cornet.  If there is enough interest we may also be able to offer Flute.   


We are also offering Choir which we hope can go ahead next year, as was cancelled due to Covid restrictions this year. 

The termly cost for music tuition is £100 and for choir is £20. 


However, if you wish to pay for a full year at a discounted cost it will be £270 for tuition and £55 for Choir.  


This year due to Covid restrictions we have sent out the forms via ParentMail.  Please login to your ParentMail and go to forms if you wish to sign you child up for tuition and/or Choir. 


Replies must be received by Wednesday 5th May 2021.