Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 - Deer class




Our topic this half term is heroes or villains. It started with Mrs Smith dressing up as the highwayman and the class joining in and considering if the clothing they chose made them a hero or villain. So far in English, they have looked at the highwayman poem, and decided whether the characters were heroes or villains. This led to year 5 creating a newspaper report on the events described in the poem.


In line with our topic year 5 have been looking at the time of the Tudors, especially Queen Mary I, finding out information about Queen Mary, which will lead to a debate on whether she was a hero or villain and explaining why.


In Maths, year 5 have been looking negative numbers and interpreting these within word problems and graphs. They are currently looking back at rounding to check calculations and applying this to word problems, where they have to estimate the answer and check using rounding of the values in the question. For example: A motorbike costs £7964, it is reduced by £2353, how much does the motorbike cost now? £8000 – £2000 = £6000


In PE year 5 have been using the equipment in the hall to practise their gymnastics. So far, they have focused on movement and balance. 


In art they have been practising their sketching skills, which will lead on to an end piece of artwork, creating a portrait of a hero or villain from Tudor times, using these skills. 





Heroes or villains Topic homework

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