Year 4

ver the course of this half term, I would like to show off to you the fantastic work that Year 4 are producing.


Year 4 news for the week commencing 26th February 2019


  • Tuesday 26th February 2019 - Year 4 children can come to school dressed in their best spy gear! As an introduction to our new English unit, we will spend some time looking at all things spy! Children will be secret agents for the day and spend the morning completing challenges at Rowlands Castle Spy School.


Weekly Timetable.



English: This half term, we will be looking at explanation writing and persuasive writing in the form of an advert. We will be using several rich texts to support this, based around the topics of: inventions, gadgets and spies! Children will be explaining how a spy gadget works, using formal, technical vocabulary and then they will be designing their own gadget to sell in their persuasive advertisement.



Maths this half term will focus on fractions; comparing fractions, finding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and solving measure and money problems involving fractions. We will also be looking at decimals and money this half term. Mental maths will continue to focus on our speed and accuracy in times tables up to 12x12.



This half term our topic is about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. This is a very broad topic and therefore our focus within this will be: brief historical overview and timeline of these periods of history, exploring housing and how it changed, and investigating technology, tools and inventions over these periods.



In science we will learn about light and shadows. This will include: recognising the relationship between light and our sight/hour our eyes work, understand how light us reflected on surfaces and to recognise how shadows are formed.


Times Tables Rock Stars Playing Games

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