Year 4

Over the course of this half term, I would like to show off to you the fantastic work that Year 4 are producing.


Year 4 news for the week commencing 18th March 2019


  • I have now set the half termly project for Year 4:

You can choose:

  • A house in the Stone Age
  • A house in the Bronze Age
  • A house in the Iron Age

Complete some research about what houses were like in your chosen time period.  Using this knowledge, make a replica of a house from that time period.  This can be a 3D model or a detailed drawing of a house.  Remember to label it and be ready to explain all about it at our Topic Showcase.  This is due in on Monday 1st April, ready for the showcase the following day.

  • We are inviting parents/carers in on Tuesday 2nd April for a showcase! Year 4 will be presenting their Topic homework and work they have done in Topic and DT this half term.

Weekly Timetable.



English: This half term, we will be looking at explanation writing and persuasive writing in the form of an advert. We will be using several rich texts to support this, based around the topics of: inventions, gadgets and spies! Children will be explaining how a spy gadget works, using formal, technical vocabulary and then they will be designing their own gadget to sell in their persuasive advertisement.



Maths this half term will focus on fractions; comparing fractions, finding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and solving measure and money problems involving fractions. This week we will be looking at decimal fractions.



This half term our topic is about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. This is a very broad topic and therefore our focus within this will be: brief historical overview and timeline of these periods of history, exploring housing and how it changed, and investigating technology, tools and inventions over these periods. We have linked our Topic with our DT.  Children have been making Stone Age clay pots and arrowheads.  Have a look at our fantastic work!



In science we will learn about light and shadows. We have started to prepare our shadow puppet theatres and can explain what darkness and light are.  This week we looked at mirrors and reflection and had great fun investigating mirrors and reflective surfaces in the classroom. 

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